One For The Rhode joins a New England family between states as they document events , happenings and the humor that accompanies life.

Here We Go Again!

Almost 10 years ago we found out we were pregnant with Lexi. It was scary and exciting and scary. Also scary and scary. Fast forward to the fear taking a back seat to parental survival. There’s no time for fear in parenting – they smell the fear and it only strengthens them.

We’ve been busy over the past 10 years. We moved across the country. Matt got his MBA and started a new job. I went back to school and also started a new job. Needless to say, expanding our family was not the first thing on our minds, well, not the first thing on all of our minds.

For the last six years or so Lex has been asking, begging and bargaining for a sibling. This Easter we gave her a big surprise! Pay no attention to the video cutoff – we were all crying and needed some familial celebration pronto!