Tuesday, January 23, 2018

…Any Day Now…

We are officially entering “Any day now” territory with this pregnancy. I can’t wait to meet the little ninja who’s been kicking me for the last 9 months! I can, however, wait for the whole getting-him-out stuff. Labor and I are not friends.


We’ve planned and prepped, lined up friends and family helpers and gone over countless scenarios with Lexi so she knows what to expect in any case. I’ve been nesting like a maniac, which I never did with Lex. The last thing I have to do is hang the curtains in the baby’s room but I’m so clumsy nowadays that getting on a step ladder is equivalent to climbing Mount Everest. Not going to happen.


I’m pretty darn proud of the baby’s room – curtains notwithstanding – check it out!

img_3912-1 img_3913

The pack and play will move into our room when he arrives and the rocking chair will move upstairs when he’s a few months old and sleeping in his crib.



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