Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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It’s a very SoCal Christmas

Word on the internet has it that New England experienced some nice California Christmas weather this year. Our friends back East were posting photos from the beach and temperature update in the 60s. We spent our 7th California Christmas doing the usual – turning on the gas fireplace for ambiance, opening presents and gathering with good friends for equally good food – also enjoying weather in the 60s.

This year’s Christmas was a little smaller than usual because we are budgeting for an exciting change (more on that in the coming months). Because of the budget and the fact that our charming daughter only wanted Santa to “Make it rain” we went the route of experiences rather than materials. We got Lex a few gifts that she could unwrap – books, crafts, card games, GoldieBlox sets – but her two big presents this year were memory makers – tickets to Chill on the Queen Mary and Mamma Mia playing at the Pantages next month.

image (7)

image (6)

Chill on the Queen Mary is how Californians experience cold. We pay to tour indoor ice sculptures telling the story of Ebenezer Scrooge and tube down hills made of ice. Then we walk back into the sunshine to ice skate on a manmade frozen pond in the shadow of an historic cruise ship. After that we get back in our cars, turn on the AC and talk about how cold it was for five minutes in the Ice Kingdom. A true winter wonderland

image (9)


image (8)

image (10)

The frigid Ice Kingdom

I hope everyone had a Christmas as delightful as ours!


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