Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Summer’s Over

Lex started fifth grade a couple weeks ago. FIFTH GRADE! How is she old enough to be in fifth grade? How am I old enough to have a fifth grader?! This is madness!


At Back to School Night I was talking to one of her friend’s moms and commented on how fast the summer went by. At the beginning of break we created a whole list of things we wanted to do, very few of which we actually completed. It almost felt like a wasted summer until I thought about all the things we DID get done and I felt much more productive.



Spent weekends (and weeks) with the grandparents and cousins

Went to Disney World

Traveled to Portland for a wedding and reunion with my high school besties

Took an anniversary trip to Niagara Falls

Visited the Green Animals Topiary Garden

Toured the Newport Mansions

Enjoyed the Cliff Walk

Got Lex’s ears pierced

Celebrated a friend’s engagement

Celebrated another friend’s wedding in Tiverton

Bought a second house

Spent a copious amount of time in the pool






















Not a summer wasted after all. Let’s all take a cue from Anderson and snooze.









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